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Exceptional Experience And Meticulous Analysis In Divorce Cases

At The Law Office of Nancy P. DiCenzo, Inc., Attorney DiCenzo brings over four decades of experience to California divorce cases. Serving clients across the state from operating locations in both San Francisco and Sacramento, she has earned a reputation for her meticulous analysis of complex matters. A precise and articulate advocate and certified family law specialist, she thoroughly evaluates all aspects of a case to create a robust legal position for her clients.

Developing Direct, Effective Client-Counsel Relationships

When navigating the deeply personal challenge of divorce, you should be able to rely on a close, professional relationship with your attorney. The process of evaluating assets, prioritizing objectives and executing tailored legal strategies requires trust and understanding between counsel and client.

Attorney DiCenzo knows that such a relationship can only be built through direct interaction. She prioritizes meeting face-to-face with her clients and facilitates continuous communication to address any concerns, questions or developments that may arise over the course of a case.

Attorney DiCenzo also represents clients in conflicts that may arise due to divorce, including those related to alimony or spousal support, child custody and child support.

Building Teams Of Tested Experts

As a premier California divorce firm, The Law Office of Nancy P. DiCenzo, Inc., has represented clients whose cases require the valuation and division of a variety of complex assets. This includes, but is not limited to, clients who own dental, medical or other professional practices; who are shareholders or executives at multinational corporations; and those who own multiple or unique homes, rental or commercial properties, watercraft or aircraft.

Whenever necessary, Attorney DiCenzo draws on an extensive network of tax, financial and technical experts to bring specialized insight to a case’s particularities. She builds trusted, capable teams that can navigate complicated negotiation, litigation or mediation with confidence.