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Divorce Mediation Services

When spouses seeking a divorce share ownership of high-value, complex assets or expect to co-parent their children, mediation may be a cost-effective alternative to a contested divorce.

At The Law Office of Nancy P. DiCenzo, Inc., Attorney DiCenzo offers divorce mediation services to clients across California. As a certified family law specialist dedicated to providing close, personalized counsel, she brings exceptional experience and singular focus to complicated marital divisions.

Navigating Mediation With Confidence and Clarity

Mediation can be particularly appealing to spouses who jointly own businesses or professional practices, or whose assets include diverse properties or investments. It allows you and your spouse, rather than a court, to decide the timeline and terms of your divorce. It also enables you to keep the personal and financial information relevant to your divorce confidential and out of the public record.

However, this process requires compromise, thorough organization, and confidence in the mediating attorney. Attorney DiCenzo works diligently to establish trust with her clients, and to bring clarity and efficiency to the mediation process. Insightful, precise and discrete, she can confidently guide parties toward a clean end to their marriage. With over 40 years of family law experience, she understands the considerations and contingencies necessary to successfully resolve a mediated divorce.