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Trusted Skill In Complex Property Litigation

The Law Office of Nancy P. DiCenzo, Inc. has earned a reputation for its particular strength in complex property litigation. A licensed attorney since 1982 and a certified family law specialist since 1994, Attorney DiCenzo brings a unique wealth of experience to California divorces in which the division of complicated, high-value assets is contested. By personally evaluating all aspects of a case and working directly with her clients to pursue their objectives, she is able to provide close counsel and forceful advocacy when diverse properties are at stake.

Personal Attention In Asset Valuations And Divisions

Achieving a favorable resolution to divorce requires careful valuation of the spouses’ shared or separate assets. This process demands specialized knowledge when one or both spouses own professional practices, rental properties or other real estate, intellectual property, or stake in multinational corporations. Close scrutiny is also required when a spouse is suspected of hiding assets or seeking to otherwise exempt them from fair valuation and division.

Attorney DiCenzo is dedicated to achieving a comprehensive understanding of her clients’ financial situations, assets and goals. She meets individually with those she represents and examines all court filings, valuations and possible legal strategies herself. She also can leverage her network of seasoned experts to provide professional opinions on tax implications, accounting discrepancies and other unique considerations complex property divisions entail.