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Frequently Asked Questions

What Aspects Of A Case Does Attorney DiCenzo Handle?

Attorney DiCenzo personally evaluates all pieces of her clients’ cases. As the sole attorney at The Law Office of Nancy P. DiCenzo, Inc., she does not defer filings, client interactions or professional evaluations to associates. She leads necessary research, meets directly with experts, and knows all relevant dates, details and deadlines – no matter how routine. By deliberately limiting the number of clients she engages, Attorney DiCenzo is able to ensure each of her cases receives the careful attention and thorough advocacy it deserves.

Why Is It Important To Have A Personal Client-Counsel Relationship?

While the end of a marriage, disputes over child custody and support, and asset divisions can be emotionally trying, a client’s relationship with their attorney should not be. In order to meet client goals in litigation, negotiation or mediation, their attorney must thoroughly understand their priorities, concerns, and vulnerabilities.

Nancy DiCenzo knows that in the midst of contentious disputes, trust must be earned – and works diligently to establish honest, durable relationships with her clients. Close evaluation of client interests allows her to better advance those interests and secure client satisfaction.

Why Work With A Certified Family Law Specialist?

The State Bar of California can designate as certified specialists those attorneys who have shown exceptional knowledge of and investment in their practice areas. To obtain and maintain specialist certification, an attorney must demonstrate that they have comprehensive experience in their practice area, that they are recommended by other attorneys and judges for their capabilities, and that they are dedicated to continuing their legal education throughout their careers.

Engaging a certified family law specialist, therefore, entails working with an attorney recognized by The State Bar of California for the quality representation they provide. As a certified family law specialist since 1994, Attorney DiCenzo brings decades of distinguished experience and a proven commitment to education and innovation to divorce, child custody, and complex asset division cases.

How Can A Team Of Experts Help A Case?

When a divorce entails complex property divisions, the asset valuations required to pursue a favorable outcome can be complicated and costly. Particularly when spouses’ asset portfolios are diverse, wholly or partially shared, or multinational, experts may be required to ensure accurate valuations and assessment of a division’s future financial implications.

Attorney DiCenzo’s extensive experience in complex property litigation enables her to draw on a wide network of trusted experts. By building a team of professional specialists tailored to her clients’ needs, she can explore creative legal solutions, challenge unfair or undesirable valuations, and use professional opinions and testimony to substantially strengthen her clients’ cases.